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100% Natural Essential oil


Description :

Essential Oil Essential oils are 100% natural oil extracted from natural grass, leaves and flowers.
We can extract only very little amount of essential oil from the material.
Every essential oil has different effect and smell strength depend on the materials gift to us,
but all works to human body through its scent.
That is why essential oils are used for natural healings such as aromatherapy.
Alam Zempol’s essential oils have 100% pureness direct from distillatory.
Wishing you could find your favorite and suitable oil… Alam Zempol’s Essential Oils are all Indonesian products only.
Please consult the shop staff if you require MSDS.

Item :
■Cananga:  ■Citoronella:  ■Clove:  ■Kayuputih:  ■Nutmeg: 
■Patchouli: ■Vetiver:

How to use :
■ A few drops of essential oil when using aroma light and aroma pot as room fragrance.
■ A few drops of essential oil on your handkerchief when going out.
■ Put water and a few drops of essential oil into spryer as room fragrance (shake well every time before spraying).
■ As perfume for your hand made cosmetics.

Size :

Usage Note :

■ Do not apply the product directly on the skin.
■ Do not put the product into eyes and mouth.
■ Keep away from fire.
■ If you don’t feel well with the smell, stop using product.

Storage :
■ Once open, close the lid tightly after use.
■ Store in cool and dry place avoiding direct sun light.
■ Do not store near fire.
■ Keep away from children and pet.




The scent of Canaga is similar to Ylang Ylang, but milder.

Gentle exotic floral scent of Cananga eases your tension and fatigue and draws your mind into deep relaxation.

Good combination with:
Oak moss, Balsam



Sweet scent with lemon-like freshness. This scent works as insect repellant.
It may refresh your feeling, also has deodorization effect.

Good combination with:
Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Kayuputih



Very strong sweet and spicy scent.

It helps regaining your vigor when you feel spiritless. One drop of Clove Oil to your room fragrance is very effective.
Not suitable as massage oil due to its strong effect.

Good combination with:
Rosemary, Rose, any kind of citric oil



Cool and clean scent like tee tree.

Kayuputih means white tree in Indonesian language.
It can be used for children because of its mild effect.
It cheers up your mind, making you in positive feeling.

Good combination with:
Lemon, Rosemary, Lavender



Mild sweet and spicy scent gives you warm and vital feeling.
Not suitable for breast feeding mothers.
It clears up your mind when feeling down.

Good combination with:
Orange, Lime, Lemon, Tea Tree



Full-bodied attractive scent.
It eases your stress, anxiety and mental fatigue.
This is one of the rarest oil which deepens its scent by years pass by.

Good combination with:
Orange Sweet, Geranium, Rose



Deep scent of earthy forest with a little of sweetness.
It works for your mental balance, when you are under tension,
stress and mental uneasiness.
This is one of the rarest oil which deepens its scent by years pass by.

Good combination:
Sandal Wood, Lavender, Patchouli




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