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OPEN : Am10:00~Pm6:00
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Massage salt scrub:

Massage salt

Salt scrub cream removes old keratin and improves skin metabolism.
Enjoy the clean and healthy skin by using Alam Zempol’s Massage Salt.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate  Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Ascorbic acid   Perfume  Metyhl paraben

How to Use:

1, Stir well before use, because the product is separated.

2, Massaging is effective to improve the blood circulation and release muscle stiffness and cold body.

3, For your feet and legs, give massage from bottom to top. Starting from toe, move to arch, ankle, calf and thigh,
with pulling up motion. This bottom to top massage is effective to improve swollen legs.

4, This product can be used for whole body, but do not use on injury and troubled skin.

5, For sensitive parts such as face, give very gentle massage with palms.

6, Rinse away the product after massage.

How to use

item :
■Sea weed
■Lemon peel
■Hibiscus+Vitamin C
■Aloe Vera extract+Coconut milk
■Chili extract+Marygold
■Pink clay
■Blue clay

Size :

Usage Note :
■ Massaging with this product is recommended for once or twice a week.
■ You may feel warm due to the effect from contained glycerin. This will warm up the skin, open the pore, and brings higher effect of massaging.
■ Once opened, finish up the product as soon as possible.
■ Close the lid tightly after use. If water get mixed in the product, it affects the quality of product.
■ Do not use the product when your skin has any trouble. If your skin shows any trouble, during and after use, stop using product and consult a doctor.
■ Do not eat the product.
■ For bathing and massaging only.
■ Store in cool and dry place.
■ Keep away from reach of children.


Sea weed+Cholorophyll

Sea weed+Cholorophyll40g


Sea weed+Cholorophyll100g

Sea weed+Cholorophyll180g

Sea weed+Cholorophyll
Fresh scent of eucalyptus and lavender

Seaweed is rich in β-carotene, and improve skin metabolism to get clear and smooth skin. And Chlorophyll prevents skin troubles such as acne and rough skin.
The seaweed, gift from the sea, is produced in Lenbongan Island, Indonesia. Agar-agar produced around this island is exported to other countries including Japan as cosmetic ingredient.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate   Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Chlorophyll Sea weed extract  Eucalyptus oil  
Lavender oil  Metyhl paraben

Lemon peel+Honey



Lemon peel+Honey100g

Lemon peel+Honey180g

Lemon peel+Honey
Fresh Lemon Scent

 Lemon peel removes excess oil from the skin and improves skin condition with liver spots, freckles and dullness. Honey’s disinfect effect is good for acne and sun tanned skin.
Fresh lemon scent refreshes your feeling, too.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate   Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Honey  Lemon peel  extract  
Perfume  Metyhl paraben






Sweet Raspberry Scent

You can see hibiscus flower anywhere in tropical island of Bali. It is rich in vitamins, mineral and citric acid, and is often used as tea(Rosella tea or Red tea). This gift from nature makes your skin revitalized.
Sweet raspberry scent cheers up your feeling.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate   Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Chlorophyll 
Red tea extract  Ascorbic acid   Perfume   Metyhl paraben

AloeVera extract


Aloe vera extract+Coconut milk40g

Aloe vera extract+Coconut milk100g

Aloe vera extract+Coconut milk180g

Aloe vera extract+Coconut milk
Bracing Green Tea Scent

Aloe Vera works well to any skin type, dry or oily. It controls skin secretion and soothes the skin. It also supplies vitamins to the skin. Coconut milk moisturizes dry skin, as well.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate   Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Coconut extract
Aloe extract    Perfume   Metyhl paraben


Chili extract+Marygold


Chili extract+Marygold40g

Chili extract+Marygold100g

Chili extract+Marygold180g

Chili extract+Marygold
Warming up your body with Orange and Ginger

Chili extract stimulates blood circulation and body perspirations. Only a few drops of chili extract, due to its high stimulation, will make your body warm and firm.
Marigold works to repair and protect the damaged skin after eczema and dermatitis.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate   Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Marigold flower extract
chili extract    Ginger oil  Orange oil   Metyhl paraben

pink clay


Pink clay40g

Pink clay100g

Pink clay180g

Pink clay
Gentle Bergamot Scent

Natural organic clay, gift from mother nature, absorbs dust, dirt, old keratin and excess oil out from your skin and smoothen the skin.
Pink clay is low in stimulation and suitable for sensitive skin. It helps softening stiff skin and firming up the face line.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate   Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Kaolin Metyhl paraben

blue clay


Blue clay40g

Blue clay100g

Blue clay180g

Blue clay
Elegant Scent of Lavender

Natural organic clay, gift from mother nature, absorbs dust, dirt, old keratin and excess oil out from your skin and smoothen the skin.
Blue clay is rich in metallic minerals, and helps removing dirt and old keratins from pores and firms up your skin. It also has whitening effect.

Sea salt   Sodium sulfate   Gycerine   Xanthan gum  Kaolin  Lavender oil   Metyhl paraben


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