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(near the CANDIDASA)
jl.Mendira Manggis Karangasem Bali Indonesia
post code : 80871 tel / fax +62 363 41283
M-phone (english / indonesia) : +62 81 2388 5865
M-phone (Japanese) : +62 81 2392 0694

Factory OPEN : Am8:00~Pm4:00
(Sunday and Religious events close)

shop OPEN
: Am8:00~Pm6:00
Sunday open :Am10:00~Pm6:00
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Jl Nyukuning No.2 Pengosekan, Mas Ubud
contact : 085 2055 02689

OPEN : Am10:00~Pm6:00
(Thursday and Religious events close)

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Description :
pre-shampoo is scalp cleansing shampoo. Forget to care about your scalp?? Scalp is part of face skin gets oily and dry.
scalp spotted from sweat and dust, it is impossible to remove all these sweat and dust from normal shampooing
we recommend to use pre shampoo gel for remove all these dirty things from your pores of scalp!
before shampooing, apply pre shampoo gel to your scalp and give massage for moment, leave a few minutes and do shampooing normally
use 1 or 2 times a week to keep skin clean and healthy looking

How to use :
use 1 or 2 time a week
①before shampooing put amount of the product to on your palm of hand ,
put on to your scalp little by little
②massage all of your scalp gently
③leave 1 to 2 minutes and do shampooing 
refresh, clean healthy scalp and hair

item :
cool  damaged  oily

Size :

ingredient : 
water glycerin (acryloyldimethyl taurate ammonium/VP)copolymer  xanthan gum perfume  methyl paraben  buthyl paraben 

Usage Note :
■do not apply when your skin has any trouble such as eczema and injury if your skin shows any trouble during or after use, stop using the product and consult dermatology doctor
■do not eat the product
■store in cool and dry place
■do not use the product close fire
■keep away of reach of children
■do not put the product in to eyes and mouth
■stop use the product when you fell unwell from fragrance  for hair only
■once open, use up the product before long
■it may change a label and package without notice




Cool :
combine menthol has cooling effect, it is good for use hot day in summer after use the product, keep cool off and  clearly mind! 

eucalyptus oil teatree oil kayu putih oil
peppermint oil


hair and scalp gets damage from the sunlight, not easy to deal with your dry hair. Nurturing essential oil blend

rosemary oil lavender oil nutmeg oil
patchouli oil


Oily :
oily scalp gets a pimple and eczema easily, and bread a bacterium. When oil and sweat mixed make greasy scurf.
combine anti- oily blend

cedarwood oil lemon oil  grapefruit oil


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