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(near the CANDIDASA)
jl.Mendira Manggis Karangasem Bali Indonesia
post code : 80871 tel / fax +62 363 41283
M-phone (english / indonesia) : +62 81 2388 5865
M-phone (Japanese) : +62 81 2392 0694

Factory OPEN : Am8:00~Pm4:00
(Sunday and Religious events close)

shop OPEN
: Am8:00~Pm6:00
Sunday open :Am10:00~Pm6:00
(Religious events close)

Visa / Master card can use



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alam zempol

Escape to relaxation
Relax and Restore your body…

Ease tension of your body and relax…
Alam Zempol brings you the gifts from Mother Nature.
Enjoy your bath time with our bath products,
or just relax with our aroma products.
All of Alam Zempol’s products are hand-made
in tropical island of Bali.
It will be our greatest pleasure
if Alam Zempol’s product can bring you
 a relax moment in your busy days.




Please pay attention for a while
we do not sell cosmetics products
because in the process of obtaining permission from BPOM


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*DEC every day OPEN !!





bath bomb 115g

Bath Bomb 115g
Herf & Herf

Bath Bomb’s main ingredients are citric acid and baking soda, which are safe for human body.
It generates carbon dioxide by putting in the water, and improves the blood circulations by expanding the vessels.
This bath bomb is suitable for those who suffering from stiff neck and shoulders, poor body circulation and muscle pains.




100% pure Eoil perfume

100% Pure Essential Oil
Natural Oraganic Perfume 10ml

Embrace real flower power and fill your life with the phenomenal power of fragrance.
Scent can have a profound effect on your
mood. It can help you focus, lift your spirit or help you relax. It can also add a real zing to your day.
So embrace the power of fragrance and
allow the simple art of scent therapy into your day!







work-shopkid's labo


work shop

Soap making work shop

Visit Alam Zempol factory
and try natural soap making.
Make your own soap
as memory of your trip to Bali.

kid's labo

Kid's labo Soap making work shop

What soap ?
What does the soap to me?
From what soap is made ​​of?






amenity soap

List of hotels/villas which adapt Alam Zempol products as room amenities.


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